Vibration is inside our cells, venes and atoms, beat lays in our most essential actions – our heart beats, we breath, walk, run, dance, chew, have sex, give birth. Five people, all driven by the same constant beat. Each of them deals with it in his own way. The longer they’re moving, the more they become alike, a big pulsating animal. A trip, a group ceremony, a techno meditation, a dance on an archaic human beat and on the borderline between personality, collective consciousness and mass hype.


Concept, choreography: Jolika Sudermann

Performance: Annina Lingens, Dwayne Toemere, Erwin Boschmans, Tim Senders, Indra Cauwels/ Alma Söderberg
Light design: Floor van Dongen
Sound: Anouk Thole
Advice: David Weber-Krebs, Esther Snelder

AEROWAVES DANCE PERFORMANCE NETWORK. PULSE is a postproduction of Het Veem Theater Amsterdam.

Tour Dates

2014 Tanz!Heilbronn

2012 Springforward, Aerowaves Show Case, Bassano del Grappa, Aerowaves Fall For Dance Finland Tour: Regional Dance Center of Eastern FL Sotku Kuopio, JoJo Dance Center Oulu, Dance Theatre MD Hällä Stage Tampere, Zodiak Arts Center Helsinki

2011 MESS Festival Sarajevo, Flare Festival Manchester, Dancekiosk Hamburg, Punch! Festival Theater Bellevue Amsterdam

2010 ITS Festival Hetveem Theater Amsterdam