Dancekiosk Hamburg 2011

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Vibration is inside our cells, venes and atoms, beat lays in our most essential actions – our heart beats, we breath, walk, run, dance, chew, have sex, give birth.

Five people, all driven by the same constant beat.

Each of them deals with it in his own way. The longer they’re moving, the more they become alike, a big pulsating animal.
A trip, an extatic group ceremony, a techno meditation, a dance on an archaic human beat and on the borderline between personality, collective consciousness and mass hype. A research into the most simple of all rhythms: the pulse.

PULSE aplenty“ with 40 dancers at Tanznacht Berlin 2014

PULSE remake on tour at Tanz!Heilbronn 2014

PULSE technique taught at Tanzfabrik Berlin/Dance Intensive Programme

PULSE has been selected into the AEROWAVES DANCE PERFORMANCE NETWORK in november 2011.

PULSE is a postproduction of Het Veem Theater Amsterdam.

See video PULSE

See video PULSE aplenty/ Tanznacht Berlin

Concept, directing: Jolika Sudermann

Performance: Annina Lingens, Dwayne Toemere, Erwin Boschmans, Tim Senders, Indra Cauwels

Light design: Floor van Dongen

Sound: Anouk Thole

Advice: David Weber-Krebs, Esther Snelder

Tour Dates 2012:

August 24, Springforward, Aerowaves Show Case, Bassano del Grappa, Italy

September 13-21, Aerowaves Fall For Dance, Finland Tour:

– September 14, Regional Dance Center of Eastern FL, Sotku, Kuopio

– September 16, JoJo Dance Center, Valvesali, Oulu

– September 18, Dance Theatre MD, Hällä Stage, Tampere

– September 19+20, Zodiak Arts Center, Helsinki


MESS Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia

Flare Festival, Manchester, UK

Dancekiosk, Hamburg, Germany

Punch! Festival Dansmakers Amsterdam&Aerowaves, Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam, NL


ITS Festival Amsterdam

Westerparkse Zondag, Hetveem Theater Amsterdam


ITS Daily 28/06/2010, festival magazine at the International Theatreschool Festival in Amsterdam

„Hammering on mercilessly, a machine in constant motion, Pulse is a performance that is as relentless as it is rewarding.

Directed by Jolika Sudermann of Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, this performance creates an environment in which the players execute the repetitive pounding of movements in parallel to the rhythm of their own pulse. They begin by feeling the beat of their own bodies. Touching different pulse points, they gently show us what they feel, tapping it out on a hip or nodding their heads in time. This beat gradually takes over and crescendos into movements and music that take possession of the whole body. Pounding their arms, and thrusting their hips in time, they exact physically the pattern of their bodies, the surge of blood through their veins. The performers gaze at us directly as they become increasingly exhausted, but we do not see a message or an attempt at communication. Instead, their eyes are windows to the visceral workings of their bodies. (…)“

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